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Basketball great Clifford Robinson enjoyed a typical urban upbringing in Buffalo, NY, raised by a working mother and a network of supportive friends and relatives. His was a stable and secure home, neither poor nor privileged, but adequate and loving.

Like many of his peers, he found his happy place in sports. He was very athletic and gravitated easily toward a variety of activities. Even at a young age, Clifford was keenly aware of the hardships that often plague kids who feel lost, who have no passion, or who simply lack the support needed to get ahead in life. So, while he easily excelled at many sports, and especially after he saw some degree of success for himself, he felt a sense of compassion for those who would never have the opportunity to go farther than the community center basketball court.

Clifford acknowledges the immense contribution that some of his coaches and mentors made in the early years. He says he always felt supported and encouraged, and he’s extremely thankful to those who took the time and bothered to care about a tall kid from Buffalo. He recognizes what a difference it makes to have a network of support propelling your forward.

He played college basketball while attending the University of Connecticut, and subsequently enjoyed a successful eighteen-year NBA career, playing eight seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers, and four years with the Phoenix Suns, where he became the oldest player to register fifty points in a single game in 2000. He finished his career with The New Jersey Nets, retiring in 2007.

Clifford understands the value his name carries, and how he can make an ever greater contribution because of his success and his status. He sees no shame in using his celebrity to get things done. In fact, he sees it as his responsibility. His mantra is to stick to what you know and use it to the max, and he knows basketball. He also knows that by taking advantage of his place in society, he can help make big things happen for kids everywhere.

Teaming up his with his wife of nine years, charity guru Heather Robinson, he’s proud to devote himself fully to The Robinson Network, and start changing the lives of millions of people.     For Clifford’s stats and full professional bio, please visit the official NBA website.

She’s as genuine as they come, puts on no airs, and makes no pretenses. She’s not afraid to dream big, and her experience and track record hold the promise of enormous gain for those charities fortunate enough to align with her. 

Heather (née Lufkins) Robinson is an idea genius with the drive and ingenuity to execute and excel. She’s bold and industrious, and when driven by her passion, nothing can stop her. Her passion happens to be helping people, and she’s had a hand in it her whole life. 

She grew up on an Indian Reservation, exposed to poverty and the hardships and stigmas that come with it. Her father was a political leader who lobbied hard to secure grants and much-needed resources for the community. Her mother, also an active humanitarian, was the Vice President of the Bay Mills Community College. Without prompting, Heather shared her parents’ desire to improve the quality of life for their people, so her future was somewhat pre-ordained. She studied Social Services at the very college her mother helped found, and subsequently held several progressive roles directing social assistance programs, including the recognized statewide HeadStart program, which helps the children of low-income families. 

Wanting to flex her entrepreneurial muscle, she conceived and launched Blue Heron, a successful gallery project, featuring native art and jewelry, to offer natives a place to showcase their work. 

Heather’s enviable gift of great ideas and her endless resourcefulness make her visions very clear and immensely achievable. She also has the business smarts to keep those great ideas profitable. 

In 2003, Heather married Clifford Robinson, and welcomed the life of wife and mother, and what seemed like major life changes at the time. After settling in New Jersey with her husband and three children, fate came knocking and Heather saw the great potential her new role carried. By capitalizing on her position and the many charity opportunities that bestow pro athletes and their spouses, she knew she could achieve bigger things. She needed no coaxing, and quickly immersed herself in the management of all of Clifford’s appearances, tapping into a whole new network of contacts and resources. 

She soon found herself fully integrated into charity work again and has served as a consultant for Indra Public Relations, as well as lending her name and expertise on numerous charity events in the past several years. Then recently, her idea gene kicked in and with Clifford’s support, The Robinson Network was created. 

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