Tony Wellen, COO & Chief of Staff, Century Link


The old cliche╠ü “fearless leader” was never more appropriate than in the case of Tony Wellen, respected Senior Operations Director and Chief of Staff with CenturyLink.


Educated in finance, his true force is operations. He’s diverse and open-minded and has hit the ground running many times on high-level telecommunications projects. Among his many accomplishments, he also led the regime in a highly sensitive overseas assignment requiring the utmost diplomacy and the ability to navigate through the intricate logistics of government and military policies.


His professional reputation is stellar, his track record for team building, impeccable. Without question his standards are high, and he motivates others by demonstrating his own willingness to get his hands dirty when it’s called for. He doesn’t micromanage but expects of his team the same that he expects of himself and for this, they thrive.


A testament to his credentials and likability, Tony’s career steps have come almost exclusively by promotion. Time and again he’s been hand-picked to lead a new challenge or take an existing one to the next level.


He believes that accountability justifies any risk. In other words, when he takes a calculated risk he is fully prepared to be accountable for the outcome. That’s how he operates in life and in work, and that’s what yields the unwavering trust of his clients, his superiors, and those fortunate enough to have earned a spot on his team.


While he boasts a demonstrated excellence in telecommunications operations, his true passion lies in building a new initiative from the ground up. He has vision. He has leadership. He has the knowledge and experience to make it happen. His skills and aptitudes are easily transferable to most any industry, and his bold determination to conquer assures he will rise to any challenge.


His excellence in operations directing is matched only by his passion to cultivate a positive, thriving work environment. He is a proud man; proud of his roots, of his upbringing and of his own accomplishments. He knows that integrity and high morals are more important than any promotion. That’s why he fosters a balanced lifestyle, for himself and his employees, which places family first.


The accomplishments on his resume notwithstanding, it is the strong energy and dynamic persona of this powerfully gentle leader that will most impress.


We invite you to meet Tony Wellen, and immediately sense the immense contribution his presence will make to your organization.

Rachel Landry

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