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Terri Hosken
Interior Designer

Terri Hosken: thinker, planner, visionary… sister, friend, girl next door.


She gets up early every morning, striving for structure and organization, then by lunchtime, happily accepts that creative genius adheres to no particular routine.

In designer mode, Terri faces every new client with a fresh vibrancy. She leads them along the scenic route to their destination, encouraging them to explore their own imaginative potential, and inspiring them to see beyond what’s trendy or traditional.

Her powerful kitchens evoke mood, energy, ambience. She views every challenge and physical limitation as a presumed boundary to be transformed by creativity and inventive functionality. Sincere and down-to-earth, she has a refreshing authenticity, holding two Bachelors and a Masters degree in the Arts, as well as numerous industry accreditations. She believes that education is the launching pad for greatness. She’s respected and admired by colleagues and peers and was once hand-picked to teach her craft at the highest academic level.

A forgotten stack of old magazines under her bed serves to occasionally remind her that they really do feature her stunning kitchen designs. Though quietly proud of her achievements, Terri is very modest and grounded, with a true sense of self.

She describes success as having no clear definitive form, but rather as an ongoing journey of learning and discovering while creating and seizing new opportunities. It’s also something that can be felt, and measured daily in a thousand tiny ways, like the peaceful satisfaction of exceeding the expectations of her valued clients.

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