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Sheldon Ramkisson

Founder & CEO,  

Total Home Health Inc.

Sheldon Ramkisson is a unique and charismatic leader who blends discipline and commitment with adaptability and open-mindedness. He’s focused on projected outcomes with a clear plan, while at the same time willing and prepared to execute drastic changes to his course of action without breaking stride if circumstances prove it necessary. He exudes the quiet confidence to make calculated decisions, while bearing the responsibility of their consequences. Sheldon has demonstrated time and again that he has the vision, the talent, and the emotional fortitude to make tough strategic decisions that lead to impressive results.


A scholarship student on his way to a law degree, his own professional path was drastically redirected by a trusted mentor who saw his immense potential for recruiting and team building. This launched his foray into healthcare and big business. In his first few years, he was able to lift a stagnant company from certain failure, and build it into a thriving certified home health agency. He also took on new initiatives for the company, and successfully established two new lines of  business. 


Among his many diverse attributes, Sheldon is most grateful for his ability to be taught, and to surround himself with experienced professionals who can impart their knowledge to him.


Armed with only a key and a clear mandate, this man knows instinctively where to start, and how to bring together a successful team that will reflect his leadership example, mirror his compassion and dedication, and embrace the company culture he projects. He seeks and attracts  passionate and devoted managers, directors, and clinicians, and he inspires their drive to reach their own individual potential. His commitment to employee education and development make him a highly sought employer. 


Total Home Health Inc. is a thriving example of Sheldon Ramkisson’s leadership. Under his charge, it’s grown from an idea with no financial backing in 2005, to a successful home health care business with nine offices in two  states, employing 250 healthcare  professionals, and caring for over 1300 patients across multiple clinical disciplines.


Sheldon holds an MBA from the University of Miami’s School of Business with a specialized focus in Healthcare Administration and Policy, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Florida, with continued intentions of returning to school to acquire his law degree.

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