Shawn Powell – the Super Woman of strategic planning and financial wizardry.

She was an early bloomer. Picture a twelve-year-old discussing mergers and acquisitions, and economic instability. That was Shawn. Her career path was decided at a very young age. Each step was then planned and executed with the ultimate goal of arriving at that supreme vision of herself.

Her various career milestones are not transitional, but accumulative. Not trading one for the other, she keeps adding to her repertoire of knowledge and excellence, becoming more invaluable with each new achievement. 

A Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Southern University started things off, followed by an MBA with a concentration in Global Management.  Her early studies afforded Shawn an impressive start to her career. She easily landed various roles in accounting, financial management and strategic planning, including that of Auditor with Touché, Ross & Company, and Corporate Controller with General Automotive Company. 

Never content with mere excellence, she recently returned to school to acquire her Doctorate of Management with specialty in Information Technology. She knows herself well and knows she’ll never be happy just giving what is expected of her. She’s capable of more and always seeks to achieve just that. 

Any organization seeking to make a strategic transition of growth will benefit from Shawn’s well-rounded background, her polish and charisma, and her unwavering ethics and high moral standards. She seeks to align herself with highly ethical leaders whose passion for success is driven by a greater good. Leaders whose direction for their company shows they celebrate diversity and value more than the bottom line.

In addition to her impressive credentials and high-ranking roles, her successful startup firm Shawn Powell Consulting calls out to transitioning firms globally. And if that wasn’t enough, Shawn is also sought frequently to undertake the role of motivational speaker, another pursuit she excels at.

She is well-liked by her peers, colleagues, employers, and employees. She easily earns their trust with her sincerity, knowledge, and bold determination, and her ability not only to see the numbers but also to hear what those numbers are saying. Constantly pushing her own high standards for achievement, she expects nothing from others that she wouldn’t do herself. 

In technical terms, Shawn Powell is an accomplished accounting and information systems expert. Her track record speaks for itself: Excellence in financial reporting, financial planning and analysis, budgeting and forecasting, as well as internal and external auditing. Experienced in internal controls, inventory control, treasury support, international accounting and international financial reporting standards, as well as a strong background in divestitures, acquisitions and integration issues.

In everyday terms, she is the energetic and fearless leader who will guide the transition of your company toward your ultimate vision, while making sure you and your team enjoy the work and have fun along the way.

Rachel Landry

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