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Father of the Bride


(excerpt only)

My daughter has a remarkable ability to bring class and style to everything she does, and to everything around her. She has a talent for elevating any environment to its most enhanced form. Whether it’s something she buys for five bucks, or an experience she participates in, or a room she walks into, she will elevate the quality of every experience by making sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle, but brilliant observations about how to enhance it. A nice dinner out, for example, is not as simple as just making a reservation at the best restaurant. With Ally, we will have to change tables three or four times until we have exactly the right ambience, so that the experience will be unforgettable. She is shamelessly picky and uncompromising in her gift for spotting quality. She doesn’t want something unless it’s going to enhance the experience.


Which brings me to James, and what an enormous compliment it is that she deemed you to be that guy, that person of such elevated quality, someone she holds in such high esteem that she believes you will enhance every experience for the rest of her life, including life itself.


And she is never wrong about these things. She knows quality when she sees it. 


Now as her father, I’m entitled to have an opinion on the matter. And I can say with complete sincerity that I agree with Ally. From the first time we met him, nervously sweating as he sat with our entire family at one of Manhattan’s nicest restaurants… and ordered himself a double tequila. I thought to myself: I like him.

(end of excerpt)

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