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Father of the bride


(excerpt only)

A couple of years ago, Stephanie had been by for a visit as she does regularly, and we spoke about many things like we always do. After she left, I said to my wife, “She’s all grown up now.” I had noticed a change in my little girl and before me now sat a beautiful young woman. 


She seemed smart, although Stephanie has always been smart. She seemed mature, although I cannot remember a time when Stephanie wasn’t mature. Even as a little girl, she somehow had a maturity. But I think what really struck me that day was her confidence. She seemed so self-assured, so comfortable in her own skin, so sure of who she is. It’s a quiet confidence and she has always had it, but on that day it spoke of the independence of someone in charge of her life and fully at ease with it. 


Maybe I can attribute some of that to David and his influence on her. Together they seem to have a very compatible style and chemistry, one that brings out the best in the other. Or perhaps it was the masterful upbringing she had at the hands of her mother and father. The truth is, the real confidence comes from her. It always has for as long as I can remember. 


(end of excerpt)

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