(excerpt only)


We greeks like big celebrations, and we especially like them when we all agree on what we’re celebrating.

And I think we can all agree on this one! I mean who else here has been waiting years to see me proudly walking down the isle serenaded by the sultry sounds of George Harrison. Oh sorry, I mean with my beautiful daughter on my arm.


I’m just kidding, we know what else we’re celebrating. When these two first started dating, there were immediate fireworks, there was excitement, there was hope, there was anticipation, butterflies and dreams… She was head over heels. If there was one tiny argument, she would soak her pillow with tears until it was resolved…  And that was just my wife! That woman hasn’t made me a cup of coffee in 30 years, but as soon as Jani showed up, all of a sudden she’s the Pioneer Woman in the kitchen.


Okay, in fairness, it wasn’t just Angela. We were all very excited, but of course I played it cool like I always do, y’know, I kept my opinion under my hat. And if you believe that, I have some Swampland in Florida to sell you.


But seriously, out of all of Victoria’s major life decisions, none of which we had any say in, this was the easiest one to get onboard with. More than just easy, this makes all her other questionable choices suddenly make perfect sense. Like the series of college transfers: first from Miami to Connecticut, then Connecticut to New York, where Jani just happened to be studying. Victoria, I see you inherited your sense of subtlety from your father.


My daughter’s never really asked our advice or opinions about any of her decisions. Partly because I never waited for her to. But also because she pretty much always thinks she knows better. All her life, she and I have butted heads over that very thing: me giving my opinion and guidance and Victoria doing the exact opposite without asking me.


Why I have so graciously let that pattern continue is because she has proven herself to be supremely right almost every time. In fact, if I dare to be completely honest, I’d have to say that I’ve learned almost as much from her over the years as she’s learned from me.


As a dad it can get a little tough on the ego when you have a daughter who is so independent, so self-assured that she could fearlessly take on the world. No matter how well she does on her own, I always want to feel like she needs me, and especially I want her to feel that she has strong arms to fall into if she ever stumbles, and she has someone who’s watching out for her, supporting her, guiding her even if she doesn’t think she needs it.


But as hard as that has been on my ego, it’s a compliment that she has chosen her next superhero and protector to be someone so much like me. I mean the two of us couldn’t be more similar, am I right, Jani? We both love martial arts, we both love playing guitar, we both love working out, and we’re both exceptionally handsome and charming. He’s practically my clone.


The only real difference is that he is a bit more sensible in his approach with Tori, maybe because he had the benefit of watching how ineffective my bullhorn approach really is.


(end of excerpt)