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Paul Ten Haken 

CEO of ClickRain,

author of I Can Work on the Internet

Paul Ten Haken represents the personification of web and digital technology and its limitless potential. He’s prolific, a natural networker, and ever-evolving. 

For those of us who still fear the unknown or don’t fully understand where digital technology is going, Paul puts it all in clear language, demonstrating what it can do for business, for public service, for research and education, and for everyday people. He’s been a go-to guy many times for various media outlets looking to further understand the role that web technology plays in common cases of everyday life events. He teaches, gives lectures, and lends his expertise at speaking engagements, where he can most effectively educate the widest possible audience. 

Paul was immersed at the inception of the dot-com boom, holding two early career positions when this new industry was still finding its legs. He then spent several years excelling in high-level roles in the corporate sector, gaining invaluable experience in business, marketing, and managing people.

Since launching Click Rain, Paul’s achievements have been nothing less than impressive. Inc 5000 recognizes Click Rain as one of America’s fastest growing companies, and Paul was named as one of Emerging Magazine’s top ten entrepreneurs of 2011. Even Google has taken notice and featured Click Rain in a case study that squashes the dated belief that only big cities can produce leading-edge digital strategies. His thought leadership in the digital space earned him a spot in the Google Glass Explorers program, as well as recognition from the likes of Tumblr and the BBC. 

Paul is always looking to do more and fearlessly explores where the next initiative might lead. 
He knows it’s not enough to just keep up, but it’s also essential to make sure that consumer understanding keeps up too. To that end, he’s currently working on a series of children’s books intended to educate kids (and their parents) on how the web and digital technology is now fully applied to common everyday transactions within all traditional industries, and especially in every classic ideal of the typical dream job.

He sits on numerous boards and committees. He’s a respected leader, businessman, and member of the community. He credits his spirituality for much of what he defines as success. And he’s just getting started...

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