Best Man


(excerpt only)


I couldn’t have known the day that kid came knocking on my door just how much he would bring to my life, and he couldn’t have known just how much I needed him to. He, having just moved into the neighborhood, was innocently looking for a playmate. And I, having just lost my mother, was in need of a savior. Along came Brian, and everything became bearable again. Everything became normal again. Childhood became childhood again.


He’s always inherently known how to do that. How to be right where his friends need him at the exact right time. And it’s not just when one of us is going through something major and we know we can call Brian, which we all do. He’s the go-to guy for all catastrophes in our lives. But it’s more than that. It’s when there’s nothing in particular going on, when things are just coasting along and we all get busy with our own stuff, and it’s easy to let time pass and forget to check in... that’s when Brian steps up the most, making sure not to let that happen. He’s always pulling us all back together somehow. And that has meant as much to me as all the major life-changing gestures he’s made, which are so numerous I can’t even count them.


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