Personal statement for an MBA application

My philosophy 
I believe education is the launching pad for the greatness within me, for how can I be sure I’m applying myself effectively in the real world without the benefit of the challenging process that a graduate education will afford me?

Because you asked
Royal Roads was an easy choice for several reasons. Your platform was clearly designed with established working professionals in mind. The flexibility of your program structure tells me you have an immense respect for my current career position and my existing qualifications. It also tells me I can continue to advance professionally while financing my studies with complete peace of mind.

In addition, I like the intimate community setting of your school. I feel it will allow for more in-depth discussion, more participation from students, and a more personalized study experience. You’ve captured my attention with the image of an environment that celebrates individuality, yet emphasizes the leveraging power of teamwork. 

Your establishment conveys youthfulness, a newness that I can relate to, having often found myself as the youngest or newest in my various career roles thus far. This promises to bring with it a fresh, forward-thinking, modern approach to study that I am not only very comfortable with but also look forward to contributing to.

I’m not sure if I chose this degree or if this degree chose me, but I know I couldn’t have designed a more suitable program for myself even if I’d tried. The Consultant Management specialization is exactly what I am looking for. I’m often told that my team approach and ability to build consensus would serve me well in a consulting environment. I am also very excited about the connection with CMAC, which legitimizes the program and its graduates who choose to pursue the highly revered CMC accreditation.

I believe a well-rounded education is the basis for my future. I’m told I’m a strong leader, but my immense respect for the meaning of the word leadership gives me this profound desire to be sure I get it right. This degree will help me figure that out for myself, and equip me with the tools to really cultivate those leadership aptitudes of mine. It’s not enough for the people around me to see me as a good leader. I have to see it in myself, and the work it will take to earn this degree is sure to help me achieve that.

On the question of giving back, I fully expect that my classmates may be professionals more advanced in both age and rank, and I am excited at the opportunity to represent the fresh, younger generation of high-ranking professionals at this learning table. As a recent graduate, my perspective will embrace the trials and findings of more recent learning and applied business processes.  

In addition, I feel that my experience in the oil and gas industry will benefit the program. I work in an industry that is a driving economic force globally and boasts a highly scrutinized and often copied business model, with constant global media attention and public critique. 

Finally, as a true advocate of advanced education, I live by the belief that successful alumni must give back to the program that paved their career path, and I intend to honour that tradition by giving generously to the establishment and sharing my knowledge with others at every opportunity. It’s important to me not only to give back to my community but also to cultivate the spirit of learning in others. 

Looking ahead 5 or 10 years, I expect mine will be a high-level consulting role on a global scale. I say this because I am keenly aware that there is more out there than what composes my immediate surroundings. Simply put; I’m ready to hit the world stage. I have always had a strong sense of the global community, and I embrace the diversity and fresh ideas that such a role would offer me. This degree will help me step through the doors of the global market within my chosen discipline. 

In closing
I’m not an overachiever, but I do strive for excellence. It goes back to my very roots. I was born in Ethiopia in less than ideal circumstances, but I was immediately put on the path of greater opportunity when my parents made the difficult decision to have me raised in Canada. 

All my life, it’s been rooted in me, this sense that there is more to shoot for, that we can always do better, give more, aim higher. And all my life, I’ve seen the payoff of that line of thinking. I’ve reaped the rewards of those efforts. 

I love what I do currently, and I recognize the fact that I have been very successful. Promotions and added responsibilities have consistently come my way, which says a lot, but I want to eliminate the limits and boundaries that will surely present if I choose to be complacent. I feel I’ve outgrown my current credentials, and it’s important that I step up my game and live up to those incredible opportunities that I know I will confidently create for myself.

With this degree, I will do justice to my true potential. 

Rachel Landry

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