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Maid of Honor

(sister of bride)

(excerpt only)

Many of you don’t know this, but Vee is an extremely easy-going, laid-back, agreeable person. She’s gotten kind of a bad rap her whole life for being kinda headstrong and some might even say stubborn, but I never understood why people would say that, because she was one of the most agreeable people I have ever seen in action.  


How many kids do you know would be perfectly okay with having every item removed from her bedroom, one item at a time, night after night, until the room is entirely empty except for the bed. Vee was. Perfectly fine with it. You’re probably wondering why my parents would do something so cruel. So I’ll explain. Dad said bedtime is 8. Vee politely shrugged and said, I’m not going to bed at 8. Dad said, then I’ll take your toys out of your room. And Vee just shrugged and said, Okay! So he did. The next night, he said, bedtime is 8. She said, I’m not going to bed at 8, and Dad said, then I’ll take your clothes out of your room, and she shrugged and said Okay! And this went on night after night, for weeks, until the bed was the only thing left in the middle of the room. And Vee was perfectly fine with it. I mean, how agreeable is that? Poor girl. I’m really sorry your parents were so hard on you, Vee.


And she is so considerate! How many children do you know are actually kind enough to march themselves to the corner for a time-out after they have gleefully done the thing you just told them not to do, or else they would get a time out. She is so helpful that way! 


These are the qualities you really want in a wife, right Matt? It must be so comforting to know that no matter what challenges the two of you might face, Vee will have the ability to just shrug them off and roll with the punches. 

All kidding aside though… my sister is fearless, she is self-assured, and she walks to the beat of her own drum. 

Tell her she can’t do something and watch her prove you wrong. Those character traits that may have made her a next-level challenge to the whole concept of parenting, are the same qualities that make her a champion at everything she tries in life. The strength of character, the will and the conviction, those qualities make her a life-raft during life’s most terrifying storms. 

(end of excerpt)

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