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Talent. Beauty. Smarts. Star Power. 


Lisa proudly owns those descriptors and the accolades that come with them. But that’s nothing like the rush she gets when fans tell her she is aspirational to them because of her bravery.

She didn’t always know she was brave, but she knew she profoundly wanted to be. She’d lost her mother at the age of eight to lymphoma, and found her female role models among the popular television heroines of the time, like Wonder Woman and Charlie’s Angels. She derived a sense of comfort in their courage, and related to them without fully understanding why. It wasn’t until much later that she was able to see in herself those traits that had so resonated with her. 


It’s more than bravery. It’s a sense of justice, a fearless advocacy for the downtrodden that would become a theme throughout Lisa’s life and drive her many successes.

Her father engaged her in sports as a focus for her strength of character, guiding her to see herself in male-dominated roles. Later, as one of the first female sportscasters in America, Lisa earned the respect of the sports world and an entire country of passionate football fans by daring to dig beyond the stats and plays-of-the-week and being the voice for the everyday people impacted by the industry’s often ego-centric policies.


Her appearance as a Playboy cover model at age forty was more than a celebration of femininity, it was an expression of strength and gratitude for the privilege of aging denied to her late young mother.


As a world-renowned Investigative Reporter for Inside Edition, it’s her passion for advocacy that drove her to seek a role that would have her risking her life, running down bad guys, and fighting for justice, while the world realized they were witnessing something more than just a reporter doing a job. 


Lisa’s experiences have shaped her dreams and guided her purpose. She views her life today as a beautiful mosaic of the triumphs & trials, the loves & losses, the lessons & fears, all of which she’s grateful for. 


Her very astute father also introduced her to the therapeutic benefits of artistic expression. Acting, music, and especially visual arts became a safe retreat she continues to nurture today. Her home is a showcase for her creations, and being artistic balances her inner warrior with a soulful calm and a respite from the pressures inherent in her profession. 


Despise a decade of facing adversities ranging from everyday naysayers to all-out threats, she believes she is a needed voice for advocacy, not just for women, not just for Latinas, but for anyone who fears they lack the grit to follow their true purpose.  

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