Parents of the bride, joint speech


(excerpt only)


(dad) When Sarah asked us to speak together, we were honored of course, and we weren't at all surprised.  It's a testament to the many things she has observed about her parents' marriage over years...


(mom) Like how I often have to finish what her father's trying to say. 


(dad) In all seriousness, it's indicative of how she views Liz and me... as one. And we're both thrilled and comforted to see the same thing in Sarah and Jack together. 


(mom) It's true. Since Jack has come into to Sarah's life, we've had the pleasure of watching something remarkable and far too rare take place: two people who have opened up different sides of each other and at the same time remained true to who they really are. These two are organically connected not only by mutual hobbies, and an endless book collection, and a shared love of Isabel the cat, but also by a compatibility of character, a genuine understanding and appreciation of who the other person really is at their core. 


(dad) Liz and I have always believed that Sarah is an exceptional person, not just because we're her parents. She has a lasting impact on everyone she meets: A deeply profound and charismatic compassion that lingers in all our hearts.  She has a message, a voice, a lesson to teach, and the courage to change this world, and it sometimes seems like she's the only person who doesn't see it. But Jack sees it. 


(mom) He does. We've watched him explore that side of her, inspire her, get her worked up over something she's passionate about, knowing he'll be rewarded with the privilege of experiencing the eloquence with which she imparts that passion. And we've watched how Sarah has taken Jack's hand and led him into a family that expresses such passion and emotion openly and unapologetically. We hope that Jack inherently knows what he has in Sarah. We believe he does. 


(dad) I agree. This world needs more people like her.


(mom) Which builds a case for grandchildren.


(end of excerpt)

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