Krista Smith

Owner & President

Optimum Personnel Services

Prior to launching Optimum Personnel Services, Krista Smith’s career had been a steady rise from entry-level positions to rapidly reaching regional and district management roles, often responsible for multiple company locations, large-volume sales accounts, and internal staffing oversight. An entrepreneur at heart, she treated every job as if it were her own business, and she set her own high standards of performance. She applies that same mentality now for each client she staffs.

Krista is an executive level strategist with a front-line attitude where relationships and client care are concerned. She is the unique combination of a leader who can visualize and embrace large scale growth and advancement while staying true to the basic values of a brick & mortar mindset. She’s always had a sink-or-swim mentality where business success is concerned. No excuses, just results. She is a self-made success who credits her achievements to her powerfully simple mantra of hard work and caring about her customers.


As the Chief Executive Everything, she has the vision and fearlessness to drive her company forward, and she takes personal responsibility for the customer experience of her ever-growing roster of corporate clients and the hundreds of employees her company places. She gently inspires her staff to appreciate the fundamental values that have made her successful, and she recognizes and rewards the individual talents of those who dare to work hard.

She’s fearless when it comes to taking on those clients and employees that many of her competitors shy away from, and has the extensive industry knowledge and experience to service them with complete confidence. She is known for her unwavering ethics and exceptional diligence, and recognized for the achievements driven by her humanitarian spirit. She’s proud to be acknowledged for her partnerships with the City Rescue Mission and Prisoners of Christ.

Krista envisions a unique business model that combines a one-stop experience with the specialized care that she believes shouldn’t be exclusive, and she’s steadily building that brand through her embodiment of commitment, industry expertise, and genuine sincerity.

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