Justin Malone, first-person bio


I made my first film at 15, and I’ve been in it for the love of the game ever since. 


Today, I’m privileged to call myself a storyteller in a time when storytelling has become a genre equally sought in all formats, whether it’s commercial, documentary, film, or an innovative merging of formats. Our industry continues to evolve, and I like to think I’m contributing to that evolution by doing what I love without boundaries or unnecessary distinctions. 


The product I deliver is emotion, and I bring it to all formats with the same rewarding impact.


When I started this as a teenager, I was excited at the creative process of shooting and editing and making a story come to life. What I wasn’t expecting was the rush I got from seeing how people reacted to what I’d created. I already knew this was what I wanted to do, but that moment for me put my passion over the top and made it all feel like a purpose. 


I went to film school not to figure myself out, but to be working at this every day. I wanted to be making films all the time, to be making people laugh, cry, fear, and love. From there, not leaving anything to chance, I founded Malone Pictures as a vehicle to build my directing career. I put myself to work, exploring my strengths, cultivating my identity, and working toward that ultimate vision of myself. Running a production company exposed me to the full process;  working collaboratively, running a business, being fiscally responsible, all the while delivering on a vision with zero compromise to the one thing I crave most when I’m working… the emotion.


I’ve been around the world and I’ve seen that despite our diversity and our vast differences, emotion is the one thing we share. For me, there’s no feeling like reaching thousands of people from completely different walks of life and seeing them experience the exact same reaction to something I gave them.


That feeling is the same whether I’m working on one of my ongoing personal pursuits, or bringing to life the vision of someone who’s put their trust in me. I’m no less inspired than I was at 15. I’ve been entrusted with an amazing range of projects including true-life stories, national marketing campaigns, and dramatic features and short films. No matter what the project or budget, I cherish every opportunity to build a vision, then come to the set, connect with the people both in front of and behind the camera, and create something the world will not only see and hear but feel.

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