Imran Siddiqui 

The House The Old

Imran Siddiqui has spent his life knowing he has a message for the world, and he believes it’s his responsibility as an artist to use his talent as a platform to spread that message.


Undaunted by the feigned problems of a superficial society, Imran’s music illuminates the genuine scars of a flawed human race. Through his music, he reveals a profound connection with humanity in a way that is balanced with poignancy and beauty. The lyrics speak of our plights and the injustices we inflict upon each other, while the tone and musicality infuse hope and positivity. Like life, his sound is imperfect but perfectly authentic.


He’s a lifelong writer, raised in Pakistan and educated in the Philippines. A journalism graduate, Imran is a natural servant of God, sharing what he learned from Him with those among us who are most in pain. He is multi-dimensional and he has spent years telling other people’s stories through his documentary productions and international broadcasts, as well as producing award-winning works for other artists. Applying his talents in media production throughout the world, he played a pivotal role in revolutionizing Pakistani TV and radio system. He was sought by Voice of America as an International Producer and Managing Editor of VOA Online. He also founded and manages Global Crossover, supporting the artistic pursuits of the world’s youth.


His latest and most significant entrepreneurial endeavor is the birth of The House The Old. That is his name for the sound that represents to Imran the sole place on Earth where all is safe and sacred until The Day of the Standing. It mirrors what he hopes to inspire with his music; a celebration of the collective good, a One God, as He continues to reminds us to ultimately prepare for our bound destiny.‚Äč

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