Grant Palmer


Meet Grant Palmer, known as IMG to his rapidly expanding fan base and music industry colleagues.

Not your typical rapper, his clean cut, polished style and straight-laced diplomatic demeanor might have you thinking he was a sensible scholar with ambitious academic pursuits - and you’d be right.

Further against the grain, his musical career is not the result of a life-long passion. In fact, he found himself at a crossroads when the opportunity to pursue his first passion - soccer - became a reality. On the advice of his own intuition, and the parents he respects immensely, he made the decision to follow the path of education. Rapping started out as a hobby, and quickly evolved when he realized he had real talent.

He’s smart, he’s savvy, and he definitely has a plan.
Currently shaking things up at Syracuse University, he holds a solid 4.0 while steadily advancing his music dream one strategic step at a time – backed every inch of the way by his parents who help him keep his priorities in check, while fully supporting his dream.

He connects with his fans through social networking, continually expanding his web of followers, and creating a buzz. He’s planning to conquer the country one campus, one county at a time.

Musically, he compares himself to no one in particular, but admits he’s most inspired by those who can balance thoughtful rhymes with melodic artistry.

His first album is an independent production getting raves from those who’ve heard it. It’s due out later this year.

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