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Personal statement for a Healthcare Management application

Health. Care. 

We hear those two words mindlessly murmured so frequently that I often wonder if anyone ever pauses to consider their meaning, either individually or together as a powerful concept. As I approach my professional future, I’m proud to say that those two words will continue to be my guideposts along the way, to remind me of my purpose.

My passion for health is long-standing and was ingrained in me through influences in my young life. I’ve always placed a high degree of importance in my own nutrition and physical health, and I have sought to influence others, especially the young, to be the best they can be through wellness, nutrition, and a positive self-image. I’ve seen my efforts come to fruition first-hand many times, including during an internship with a nutritionist where results were measured in real time, with real people. A small contribution, yes, but I know I’ve barely scratched the surface and I have much more to share.

As for the caring part: I’m often told that I exude positive energy and that I have a naturally influential personality. I see this in myself and I understand where it comes from. I was raised in an environment with strong family ties, where we helped each other under any circumstance. This allowed me to experience at a very young age the immeasurable rewards and fulfillment that come from helping others feel the best that they can feel. 

I’m a natural caregiver because I whole-heartedly believe that I make a difference to people. My cultural and ethnic diversity gives me a profound compassion for the things that may matter greatly to one patient, even if they seem unimportant to me. I believe that quality care means seeing each patient as the individual they are, and not being afraid to go the extra mile to bring them comfort.

I understand inherently that a patient will be more ready to receive care if they are relaxed and comfortable with the environment, and I know that impression starts upon entering the facility. I see evidence of this every day in my current role as a Patient Services Representative at Carle Physicians Group. Every day, I see a thousand tiny examples of how each of us in the facility, regardless of our title or rank, plays an integral role in making the entire process work. I’m thrilled I made the decision to step away from my studies briefly in order to garner real industry experience, and I’m excited about how this exposure will enhance my learning potential in my future studies.

In addition to my introduction to the inner workings of the healthcare industry, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the patient perspective first hand when I was witness to my own mother’s recent surgery experience. The staff at all levels went to great lengths to make sure my mother was comfortable. I felt like she was the only patient in the hospital, as they addressed my mother’s specific needs, and made sure she felt at ease. Her fears and inner barriers were not only sensed, but alleviated with care. The surgery itself was a great success, but it was the human element that my mother and I are most grateful for. It made the experience bearable for her, for us, and put our minds at ease.

Because of the care and diligence that I apply to every decision, I enter into commitments very prepared and very confident. It is with that same confidence that I eagerly bring forth my energy, my attitude and my compassion in this journey of becoming an accredited Health Care Administrator.

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