Meet Hayley Biddle, a lifelong fitness and nutrition guru who walks the talk.

She always had dreams of somehow making fitness her career, and now she’s come full circle, achieved that dream and makes her living by making other women’s fitness goals a reality.

Her own impressive track record for transforming herself physically has turned many heads and landed her some enviable endorsements. For instance, she was hand-picked out of over a thousand gym members to participate in the launch of the Jukari program in Hong Kong. This innovative and demanding program requires extreme physical strength and conditioning. A significant compliment, Hayley was the only non-trainer chosen from the elite Pure Fitness Gym to demonstrate the program to scores of fitness corporations.

She’s a real person with real-life circumstances and she understands how daunting the challenge of achieving specific health goals can be. She’s had to bring herself back to competitive form time and time again after gaining in excess of 20 kilos with each of her pregnancies.  Single mother to three youngsters, she also understands how hard it is to stick to a nutritious and balanced eating plan, not to mention finding the time and energy to follow a strict training routine.

She’s supportive and encouraging, but tough when need be. She knows her success and reputation lie in the outcome, and she takes great pride in the results she produces for her clients. While she does teach group classes in various disciplines, Hayley’s ultimate fulfillment comes from the one-on-one relationships she develops with her clients. Her approach to health and fitness reflects a permanent lifestyle change, not just a temporary adjustment. She leaves her clients armed with the tools to stay fit and healthy for life. Working with Hayley is an adventure that leaves each client feeling like they must be her only one. She’s hands-on, committed, accessible, and willing to give what it takes.

She only recently made the bold move to leave a career in property development, and pursue her lifelong dream of inspiring people to be the best that they can be. It’s where she is most comfortable. Those who know her wonder why it took her so long because it’s so easy to see that she is completely in her element as a Personal Trainer and Body Sculptor.

Rachel Landry

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