Oral statement for a fellowship application

I’m probably not what you expect. In fact, that’s what I’m hoping - that I’m absolutely not what you expect.

The truth is, you aren’t what I expected either. When I first started investigating this, I thought it was a long shot. I browsed your site, frantically looking for something that would connect us, something you would value, something that would leave you saying, “Yes, she fits!” I admit that I did ever so briefly consider not even trying, but that feeling did not sit well with me at all. It’s just not who I am. 

So, naturally, I kept looking, and then...Bingo! There it was, buried deep in the back pages of your website: A pediatric therapy center in Dubai, a blood donation program in Asia, among your many healthcare initiatives. I felt a flutter of butterflies when I found that page because it tells me you care. You care about the health issues plaguing our societies. You care about children. You care about reaching out to under-served communities. It also tells me we share a lot more than one might think on the surface.

We’re not so different you and me.

Like you, I’m very global-minded. I’m not afraid of the vastness of our world. Maybe that’s because I’ve already had to overcome a lot. When I first came here, just a few years ago I couldn’t speak English, let alone speak up in class. Now I stand before you, fearless. If I could sing, I’d be auditioning for American Idol, just to tell the kids, “hey, we don’t know how much we have in us, until we go out and try.” Things that seemed so huge to me now seem manageable. I know that achieving big things is just an extension of the skills I already have. 

I accept that my destiny is to manage health initiatives on a global scale. This home we share, I’ve seen many parts of it, and I understand its diversities. I also understand that what appear to be diversities often mask similarities. When it comes to health, we should operate as one unit, as one entity, but we don’t always. Of course, different regions are affected by different issues, each needing to be addressed, but the biggest health risks we face, we face them everywhere. 

Organizations like this one have the power to help on a massive scale and I plan to help on a massive scale. It’s my mission to hunt down one of these global organizations and make myself the leader of their international health initiatives. I’ll do it by combining everything I’ve acquired so far, and everything that I have yet to uncover about myself.

I’m a natural global thinker. What I mean by that is that anything I learn in the sheltered school environment, or in my internship, I naturally process its possibilities if it were to be applied on a global scale. Currently doing my internship at Resurrection Healthcare, I see many practices carried out. Under the VP Operations, I am immersed in the inner workings of how to make day-to-day decisions that will meet the immediate objective while achieving the strategic plan for a greater vision. While some decisions, inevitably, are driven by the circumstances of the moment, they are taken within the parameters of a protocol that has been carefully written to reach the broader goal of greater health for more people.

This process, this way of thinking and planning and executing a vision, is the same regardless of scale, and it is exciting for me to easily be able to see how those practices could be applied on the world health stage if only someone with the right vision and scope of thinking came along. Well, she’s standing right here.

Please remember that my degree, while intended to promote health, is first a Business Administration degree. This means I’m molding myself to be able to operate and direct the healthcare initiatives I conceive. 

I’m thrilled to report that I’ve uncovered several other organizations, like yours, that reach far and wide, and care enough to take an active role in advancing healthcare in under-developed countries. There is a place for me in that world, whether I slide into an existing position, or I create a brand new one from the ground.
So while I’m not an engineer, and I know very little about oil and the equipment used to extract it from the ground, I did find some very significant parallels in values between yours and my own.  I also realized something more important about that connection I was looking for. I realize that I AM that connection because it’s the people that make things happen. And it’s why I stand here with you today knowing that my passion and my enormous goals are going to connect us more than any words on a website ever could.

Thank you.

Rachel Landry

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