Devin Reynolds

Artist ~ Abstract Abatement

Devin Reynolds never starts a project with a preconception of its outcome, neither in life nor in art. For Devin, it’s always about discovery. Curiosity and intrigue, to him, are far more than just the boyish antics that got him trouble as a child. They’re the essence of his life’s journey. They’ve led to every crossroads and to every discovery he’s made.

An eternal student of life, he once considered a teaching career motivated by the notion that he himself would be immersed in the very subjects and people he most wanted to learn about, artists in history.

To his parents, his curiosity and penchant for creating were a blessing of convenience that came in handy during those formative years when the family moved around a lot and finding ways to amuse himself was paramount.

Life and travel have exposed him to many cultural landscapes and lifestyles but none that resonated more than the American East Coast. New York City, with its vast and vibrant visual art scene, revealed a culture wherein art is passionately sought and appreciated. He knew then that what he needed to do was not only to produce great work, but work that satisfied him, first and foremost. Everything else would take care of itself. With this newfound inspiration he continued experimenting, letting the process happen until he discovered an art form that truly reflects who he is and how he views life.

He calls it Abstract Abatement and the pureness of the technique lies in applying less and letting process lead to discovery just like he lives his life.

The beauty in his art is not about what tools or liquids he uses or how he combines it. His most potent ingredients are his passionate commitment to making every breath and moment count and his ability to sense when to let go and allow life and art to just happen. It’s truly the culmination of what he’s all about. He gives the impression that accidents are a positive experience, meant to show us something as they always have for him.

In person, he somehow merges an innocent boyish charm with the maturity of a learned old soul. He’s impulsive but self-assured. His greatest fear is regret, and his approach to making things happen and seizing the moment virtually eliminate any risk of that fear being realized. He knows that if he achieves everything in life that calls to him, he still won’t have finished because each of his achievements will certainly reveal a new discovery to be pursued.

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