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Biography, memoir, legacy, life story, business history

Fee breakdown

Stage 1, Structuring: This includes preliminary discussions, objectives, creative direction, and story overview as well as research and data collection, and the development of a project plan and manuscript outline.

One-time fee, $2500 - 5000.

Stage 2, Content Development: This consists of regularly-scheduled, detailed content discussions, and the cumulative development of the manuscript through weekly draft submissions of  1500- 2000 words (6 to 8 pages).

Weekly fee, $2,000.

Overview only. Each project will be quoted individually. One page is equal to 250 words. Fees may increase depending on project complexity. Prices may change at any time without notice. All prices USD. The final product may be referenced on this website and other promotional platforms as part of Rachel 's work portfolio. A portion of the manuscript may be displayed. Rachel's name may appear on the printed or electronic book product. For clients wishing to be credited as the authors of their manuscripts, a ghostwriting premium will apply. 

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