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If and when you decide to work with me, my assistant will take you through the paperwork process. There will be a detailed electronic agreement for us both to sign, specifying the services and deliverables, and the terms under which we will work together. It will include many clauses, much of it legal stuff, but here are the broad strokes:

Specific project dates will be put in place to protect us both. They ensure  you have your product when you need it, and they protect my time and allow me to meet my commitments to other projects. Having projects populating my calendar indefinitely would make it impossible to manage my time and make this business tenable. For this reason, completion dates matter and it's important that we each respect timelines when the ball is in our court.


Projects under $5,000 are payable in full in advance. Here's why: During my early years in business, I collected only partial payment upfront. This resulted in a range of challenges and often irrecoverable losses. The risk to service providers on the web is multiplied by the number of clients we put our trust in. As a solo service provider unprotected from this constant cycle of risk, I reached a decision point where I had to either collect the full amount upfront, or go out of business. I did not take this decision lightly. I recognize the concerns on the client side, which is why I've gone to great lengths to provide all the information necessary for prospects to make a decision about me including my identity, a detailed description of my services, many samples of my work, and verifiable client testimonials. I respect any prospect's decision not to move forward if they're uncomfortable with the payment terms, and I appreciate the trust being placed in me by those who accept those terms.


The cost is based on the volume of writing required (word count), combined with the total estimated work hours. The hourly rate is scaled according to the complexity, the intended use, and exposure of the product. Cost includes meetings, correspondence, full draft, revisions, and final delivered product.


Revisions are defined as changes to the wording or placement of text, or any changes intended to achieve clarity or accuracy of content points. Extensive revisions or rewrites may result in additional charges. Extensive revisions are defined as any revisions that require the Writer to work in excess of the total estimated hours for the project. Additional time will be calculated in half-hour increments, at the hourly rate assigned to the project based on the value scale. Additional Content is defined as changes that involve replacing content with new content not previously discussed (new information), a change of direction, a change of objective, or adding content that wasn’t included in content discussions, or that surpasses the agreed volume. Additional Content may be subjected to additional charges.


Ample time will be provided for you to review drafts and provide feedback for any necessary modifications.  Objective feedback should be delivered via email within 48 hours of receipt of draft to avoid delays in progress unless otherwise noted in the Project Agreement. Clients are asked to refrain from making modifications to the text.  Instead, observations and comments will be clearly communicated in an email and revisions will be made accordingly. This ensures a consistency in tone and quality and eliminates the risk of accidental omissions or duplications in content. 

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