"The book is a treasure. It was so wonderful to read. It’s breathtaking how beautifully and genuinely it’s written. Even after just the first few pages, it's heartwarming and inspiring, and it’s filled with such sweet stories. I felt transported back to Iowa and surrounded by family. Rachel has a keen awareness for special details and an amazing ability to weave it all together. I could not picture it being done better, the flow is just perfect."​

Sable Knapp ~ family member, Memories from the Heart, Irene Knapp

"It amazes me how you're able to come up with words that speak my thoughts. You read exactly what was on my mind and compiled it into something short and extraordinary. What makes you special is your very creative thought process and listening skills. You seem to take great pride in every project you do. Other writers have their set ways. They write the way they write whether we like it or not. You, on the other hand, take each assignment as if it's a blank canvas. You're adaptive to each client's individualized goals and project needs. Your work is commendable."

Kevin Titus ~ Entrepreneur, USA ~ bio

"I can't tell you how many times I read the draft. I fell in love with it. I couldn't believe that the conversation we had was actually enough for you to write this much about me. I was nervous about contacting you, but after we talked, I felt relieved.  You walked me through the process, and put my mind at ease. You created a document that is everything we agreed upon and much more.

It really expresses my personality and who I am."

Rawan, Champaign, Illinois

"I knew as soon as I found you that you were the right person to do this for me. And anyone who knows me knows I'm never wrong!

You did a hell of a job, kid."

Mack Rankin, in his authentic Badass vernacular

"I engaged Rachel on two occasions last year for two different speeches and I was so grateful for her expertise. The process was simple, and both times she captured what I wanted to say in such a brilliant way. I received numerous comments on how terrific the speeches were and I could never have written such elegant and wonderful words. Rachel was able to translate my thoughts about what I wanted to say into heartfelt, meaningful speeches that were a hit on both occasions. She is a true professional and my "go to" in the future for any important speech writing."

Joni Alter ~ Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Seaview Investments

"I stumbled across Rachel through an online search and couldn't be more excited that we connected. She delivered an executive bio for me that was top shelf and was timely, affordable, and she was just plain awesome to work with. I hope to work with her more in the future."

Paul Ten Haken ~ Mayor of Sioux Falls SD, Founder and CEO At Click Rain, Author of I Can Work on the Internet 

"Rachel has a way of shining a light on what you're trying to say. Reading my own story was like discovering feelings I never knew I had. I wanted to leave this for my children, so they would understand how I felt about my childhood. Rachel wrote my story in a way that was honest and real. I didn't know what to expect, and Rachel made everything clear and easy. I will always be grateful for the work she did in guiding me along and keeping me focused. I'm glad I finally took this step." 

Sally Eckerd Sullivan

"When she interviewed me for my bio, Rachel was able to pinpoint my specific circumstances with remarkable clarity. She had me looking at myself in a whole new way. The result was an accurate depiction of my personal and professional story, told in a way that I could never have expected. I look forward to working with Rachel again very soon."

K'Lene Oen ~ Chief Business Officer, Pathway Genomics, San Diego

"Rachel, you did better than I ever thought could be possible. From your first draft, it was clear you understood very well how much Jason meant to me and how I wanted his tribute to reflect the wonderful young man he was, and all that he stood for. I had a good feeling about you going into this. You've done a terrific job of capturing Jason with your words. I really mean that from the bottom of a mother's heart. Your words seem to come to life as I read them. It takes a very special, gifted person to write the way you do; the way so many people wish they could. Your writing gives life to words."

Donna Denbo, Dallas, TX 

"Oh Rachel, it is absolutely beautiful and you truly have captured what I wanted to say. I am here crying at work. What you have written is so very beautiful. Thank you. Your words helped me make a fitting tribute to a wonderful lady."

Annette, USA  ~ memorial speech

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