Christopher Kerns, first-person bio


As a successful dental practitioner, an educator, and a consultant, I'm living the life I've always dreamed of, and my free time is spent doing the things I really enjoy. 


But it wasn't always like that. When I bought my dental practice in 2011, I thought I was set. I thought I was doing everything right and it would soon pay off. I worked hard, I studied hard, I invested in myself, and I kept up with the latest training and technology teachings in the industry. As a result, I became highly credentialed in all aspects of my field; general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and facial esthetics. I gathered an impressive collection of awards and accolades, all associated with dentistry. And as an owner and boss, I took sole and complete responsibility for the success of the practice.


But somehow, something was missing, and my practice wasn't successful. After five years of constant struggling and barely making payroll, I sought to understand why things weren't coming together.  Instead of living a life of leisure, I was living under a constant cloud of stress.


As an avid follower of the world's most notable motivational and business-success gurus, I started looking into what's really behind success in business, because the only thing I knew for sure was that being an exceptional dentist wasn't enough.


As a student of Clinical Mastery, I was able to transform my practice practically overnight from a knee-jerk, day-to-day business operating mostly in the red, to a thriving seven-figure company with a vision, a flourishing culture, and a collective commitment to a common goal. 


Mastery Lab is a natural next step for me because it combines all my dentistry prowess with my lifelong passion for continued learning and educating. I've always enjoyed coaching and mentoring, and I've always wanted to squash misconceptions about the dental industry. 


Now, the only thing that keeps me up at night is the knowledge that so many dental professionals around the world are needlessly experiencing the struggles I know so well, and I welcome the opportunity to pay it forward, and help up-and-coming dentists, as well as established dental professionals, find that missing link between excellence and success. 

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