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(excerpt from a signature story - Cheyenne Brae, Entrepreneur)


Where I begin

Wherever my head goes, my body follows. I tell myself this every day, even though I don’t really have to. I know it. One fundamental truth that has driven much of my life’s direction is that when I know something in my life isn’t right, I change it. As simple as it may sound, it requires mention, because I’ve learned over the years that I am of the minority in this way of thinking. I’m often puzzled by the predominant mentality of the vast majority; that things simply happen to us. This sits strangely with me because I believe we create our own reality, or at the very least, we control it. Our actions dictate our outcomes.

I forgot to thank him

Epiphanies come in wildly colored packages sometimes, and can be delivered by unconventional methods. Mine came in the form of an inconsequential comment by a passenger while I was working at my job as a flight attendant manager. This passenger was very pointedly expressing his displeasure at the level of pepper in the pepper satchel, which seemed to be of great significance to him at that moment. Little did he know the great significance that he was having on me. In this business, I’d been the subject of such mindless callousness many times before, but on this day, at this moment, the impact of this man’s ridiculous outburst was just the swift kick in the rear I’d been needing. This idiot, unbeknownst to him, was handing me, on a silver platter, my breaking point. I knew at that moment that the time had come for me to make a change. It wasn’t a wish or a possibility; it was a decision.

I walked away from Mr. Pepper Satchel heading almost directly into my boss’s office, seeking an unpaid 12-month leave. Bold? Indeed. But you can see how I had no alternative. The thought was now imbedded inside my head, and it was clear I needed to get into action mode. No sense waiting and hoping that good things come along and change my life for me. So I took a bold but calculated leap.

(end of excerpt)

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