The Terms of Services detailed herein have been agreed to between Writer and Client. A written contract (Project Agreement) has been executed by both parties via electronic signature and forms the complete agreement. 


1. Services & Deliverables 

The specific services and deliverables are detailed in section 1 of the Project Agreement. The work will be delivered in Word or PDF format unless otherwise agreed.


2. Project details

The specific project details are detailed in Section 2 of the Project Agreement.


3. Schedule

The start and end dates of the project are specified in Section 3 of the Project Agreement.


4. Payment 

Unless otherwise stated in Section 4 of the Project Agreement, projects under $5,000 are payable in full in advance. Payment methods include Visa, American Express, and MasterCard.


5. Confirmation of proposed dates

To confirm and reserve the project dates noted in Section 5 of the Project Agreement, execution of the Project Agreement and payment as noted must be received by the deadline noted in the Project Agreement.


6. Cost

The cost is noted in Section 6 of the Project Agreement. Cost is based on the volume of writing required (word count), combined with the total estimated work hours. The hourly rate is scaled according to the complexity, the intended use, and exposure of the product. Cost includes meetings, correspondence, full draft, revisions, and final delivered product 


7. Revisions & Additional Content

  • Revisions are included in the fee, and defined as changes to the wording or placement of text, or any changes intended to achieve clarity or accuracy of content points. Extensive revisions or rewrites may result in additional charges. Extensive revisions are defined as any revisions that require the Writer to work in excess of the total estimated hours for the project. Additional time will be calculated in half-hour increments, at the hourly rate assigned to the project based on the value scale.

  • Additional Content is defined as changes that involve replacing content with new content not previously discussed (new information), a change of direction, a change of objective, or adding content that wasn’t included in content discussions, or that surpasses the agreed volume. Additional Content may be subjected to additional charges.


8. Client feedback

Ample time will be provided for the client to review drafts and provide feedback for any necessary modifications.  Objective feedback should be delivered via email within 48 hours of receipt of draft to avoid delays in progress unless otherwise noted in the Project Agreement. Client is asked to refrain from making modifications to the text.  Instead, observations and comments will be clearly communicated in an email and revisions will be made accordingly.  This assures a consistency in tone and quality and eliminates the risk of accidental omissions in content.


9. Term & Termination

The term of the project is equivalent to the dates noted in the Schedule section (section 3). 

Client may choose, at his/her sole discretion, to terminate the project at any time without notice. No balance will be owing and no prepaid amounts will be refunded.
Writer may terminate in the event of any of the following breaches of the contract:

  • Client is unreachable at the time of a scheduled meeting or fails to provide a minimum of two hours notice of cancelation of said meeting.

  • Client’s lack of required input is the cause of delays in progress in excess of 48 hours at any time during the term of this contract.

  • Client requests that the writer engage in plagiarism, or otherwise utilize the intellectual property generated or owned by a party other than the Client.

  • Client requests that the Writer make false statements, or otherwise embellish or misrepresent facts in any way.

  • Client fails to disclose any part of the Client's past that could result in damage to the Writer's reputation, safety, or principles by continued association with Client.  Allegations of criminal, terrorist or other illegal, immoral, or unethical conduct on the part of the Client would and do specifically fall under this cause for termination.

  • Client fails to pay any invoice when due.

  • Client fails to provide the necessary access to information and materials required to perform the above-noted tasks within 48 hours of the time the Writer requests it.


10. Confidentiality

Writer acknowledges that in the course of performance of Writer’s obligations under this Agreement, Writer and her representative(s) will obtain confidential information regarding Client.  Writer agrees that all Confidential Information communicated to Writer by Client shall at all times be held in strict confidence and shall be used only for the purposes of providing the Services under this Agreement. Client acknowledges that the existence, nature, and details of this agreement are excluded from Confidentiality.


11. Consent to record

Client acknowledges and consents that Writer will record all verbal interviews conducted via telephone or video conference pertaining to the production of the work described.


12. Accuracy of Facts: Writer and Client agree that the verification of facts is the responsibility of the Client and/or Subjects, and the Writer assumes no responsibility for erroneous depiction of dates, names, or events within the story. 


13. Use of Intellectual Property

For each project, the Use of Intellectual Property is defined in Section 13 of the Project Agreement. 


14. Cancelation & Refunds: If a Client cancels a project more than 10 business days before the scheduled project start date, and prior to the commencement of any work, a full refund will be issued. If the Client cancels the project fewer than 10 business days before the scheduled start date, a partial refund may be issued at the Writer's discretion. No refunds will be issued if Client cancels the project on or after the scheduled start date. If Writer cancels the project due to unforeseen circumstances such as inability to complete the work due to illness or injury, a full refund will be issued on any uncompleted portions of the project.


15. Satisfaction Guarantee: Every effort is made to assure the satisfaction of the Client. Numerous samples are on display on Writer's website to demonstrate writing style and quality of work prior to commitment. Client acknowledges a full understanding of the services to be provided, and the subjective nature of the product, and agrees that an adequate description of services and adequate work samples were made available to evaluate Writer’s qualifications for the work required. No refunds will be issued based on unsatisfactory service or quality of work.