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Book-writing process

Stage 1, Planning: I will prepare a detailed agreement that specifies everything related to the working arrangement:  a description of deliverables, fees and payment schedule, a preliminary project timeline, ownership and use of the material, and all the legal considerations that protect us both. 

Stage 2, Structuring: This includes preliminary discussions about objectives and creative direction, content overview and story design, delivery of a manuscript outline with a chapter breakdown and brief summary of planned content for each chapter, and the development of a work plan to achieve it.

Stage 3, Content Development: This consists of regularly-scheduled, detailed content discussions, and the cumulative development of the manuscript through scheduled draft submissions of approximately 2500 words (10 pages).​

Stage 4, Final Review: Line edit, proof-reading, and final manuscript formatting.

& timeline

Individual biography or memoir

200 pages..... starting at    $75,000 ~ 26 to 30 weeks

300 pages..... starting at  $100,000 ~ 36 to 40 weeks

Family or business legacy story​

200 pages..... starting at  $100,000 ~ 26 to 32 weeks

300 pages..... starting at  $125,000 ~ 36 to 40 weeks

Examples only. Please see fine print.

Fine print:

Overview only. Each project will be quoted individually. One manuscript page is equal to 250 words. Fees may increase depending on project complexity. All amounts USD. The final product may be referenced on this website and other promotional platforms as part of Rachel's work portfolio. A portion of the manuscript may be displayed. Rachel's name may appear on the printed or electronic book product.

About my
book-writing fee


I will not collect royalties or share in any future earnings your manuscript may generate. The product is yours to profit from in any way you choose once you've paid for it. In the same regard, I will not accept shared profits or deferred payments as compensation for the work I do. 

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