Alex Tsatskis, Christmas party message to staff after company restructuring


Hi everyone. It’s great to see all of you here. After spending 40, 50, 60 hours together every week, you showing up on your night off is a real compliment, to each other and to me!


I don’t want to interrupt the festivities for too long, I just want to say a few things that I’ve been feeling, especially throughout this last year, and they deserve to be pointed out.


I want you guys to know that your hard work this year, your support, and your commitment to this company–– and to me–– was very much noticed and appreciated. I value every relationship a great deal, and you guys have a way of making me feel like it’s not about the job or the paycheck, it’s about being where you feel like you belong. I know it’s my responsibility as a leader to set that tone for you, and I hope I achieve that, but I can’t take all the credit. We have a great culture here, and it comes from everyone in this room. People are not easily replaceable, and you guys remind me of that every day. So thank you for that positive attitude and energy you bring in when you come to work every day.


In the spirit of Christmas, I’ve made a list, and a few of you are on it, all for very good reasons. Don’t worry you’ve all been good boys!


Jay, you’ve been here the longest so I’ll pick on you first:

We go back about 14 years you and me, and over and over again, you demonstrate why I believe in you. You’re an example of resilience and fortitude and guts. You’re the never-quit guy and it pays off, so congratulations on a great year, and I know there’s plenty more where that came from.


Jeremy: When you came to me and said, “when the company divides, I want to stay with you”, you paid me an immense compliment and you solidified the trust that was already there. Even while continuing your regular responsibilities and adapting to these major changes we were going through, you took on an additional workload, by overseeing the financial side of this transition. We both know that’s usually a third party task, but you saved us from that expense, and the headaches that come with it. By keeping things in the family, so to speak, you really simplified everything, and I am grateful for that, and want to personally thank you.


Andy, Chris, and Steve. You three are top performers and watching you bear down day in and day out is inspiring. I know you faced some challenges with the Biotech side, and it’s the kind of stuff that a lot of people might have run away from. But each of you is still here and showing better numbers than ever. So I want to thank you for that commitment.


I’ve watched you guys grow up right in front of me. All three of you started out fresh-faced young men, ready for anything, and here you are buying cars and houses and I’m going to all your weddings next year! This is what it’s all about.


I’m fully aware that one of the key things that helps you reach your potential is having Ronnie Dimartino for a leader. Ronnie, your leadership and personal commitment represent a major contribution to this company’s success, and I want to thank you for that.


Did you guys know we had our best year this year? We did. Correction: you did. Let that sink in.


Our numbers this year are just a preview of what’s coming. We’re looking at doubling our revenue over the next two years, because the team in front of me is capable of it, and I want to see it happen for all of us. My mission now is to make it as easy as possible for all of you to keep kicking ass.


Things are going to keep changing for a little while, in all the right ways. We’ll have new people coming in, support staff and additional sales people. Other changes too, but I won’t go into them now because we’ll talk about them at work.


So listen, those of you here who I have not mentioned by name, you are in no way excluded from my gratitude. I’m getting to know each of you, and I see the value you bring individually. I’m grateful to have you, and I’m excited for your future here.


Last but no least... our families. I see many of our significant others in the room tonight. Ladies, I want to personally thank each of you. I know that the job here can be demanding, and there’s no punch clock, and your spouses take their work home or they stay late, and that’s a sacrifice for everyone; the children and the spouses, right Mandy?


So to each of you here tonight who supports your husband, fiancé, boyfriend, I am grateful to you for that and I pledge to do everything I can to make sure your sacrifices pay off. So thanks for being a part of this entire journey.


Now, just one last point before I sign off. As you all know already, I welcome your ideas, your thoughts, your opinions, and your advice. I know it sounds like a cliché but you know where to find me and my door is always open. We collectively make the company run well and thrive, so I encourage everyone to weigh in, be part of it. I look forward to your input and influences as we enter the next phase of growth.


I’m going to cap it here, because I think you’ve got the gist of the message. I just wanted to take a moment, look at all of you, and say that I know what I have in you. I fully recognize the value that is in front of me, and it’s an honor to call you my team. So what this really all comes down to is a simple: Thank You.


Enjoy the rest of your evening!

Rachel Landry

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