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Rachel Landry

When I've done my job, you'll feel as though I've looked inside your soul. Your message will be pure, true to life, and remarkably on point. Complexities will be resolved and obstacles removed to make way for what matters. I pride myself on evoking incredulity in my subjects for the nuance and authenticity they'd never have believed a stranger could unearth.

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I'm comfortable with just about any subject matter,

but I'll decline what doesn't feel right.



Milestone & Special Occasion

Memorial & Tribute

Activism & Fundraising

corporate & Leaderships


Bios & Brand Stories

Personal Statements

Letters & Op-eds


Legacy Stories

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Being Bud & Val
Memories from the heart.png

Coming soon!

The story of how a sewer cleaner's bratty sons grew their mom and dad's local business into a world-class environmental company.

(I've never laughed so much with a client before. What a funny bunch!)

The Taplins

No one expects their life story to take a drastic turn while they're writing it.


This is the most difficult and most rewarding book I've written yet, and I'm in awe at the strength of my two subjects. 


Snapshoof Me

I was praised by teachers as a talented essayist. I had hundreds of pen pals. I spent hours writing journal entries in the sanctuary of my tree house. But in those days writing held little promise for a girl from a small Canadian fishing village. Besides, I had other dreams. I went to the big city at twenty-two, intent on success in film production, and accumulated an extensive list of Script Supervisor credits

In 2007, while taking a break from film, I attracted several freelance assignments that required a significant amount of writing prowess, and I felt right at home. With the web now offering a limitless market I was able to see writing as a profession. I made the transition and never looked back.


My Subjects









Doctors & Lawyers

Moms & Dads




Michael Reagan

Founder & President, Kahala Brands 

Rachel, you have mad skills. People who read your samples can’t possibly know what you were working from. I was focused on details and stories, and you zoomed in on what it all means and why it matters. You painted an authentic picture of me and my life. I love it. My wife’s immediate reaction was “Michael, this is you.” I don’t know how you do this. It cannot be taught.

YPO speech

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